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Most people see a 95% reduction of mosquitoes in their yards.

"If I look at the investment in my backyard, we have a swimming pool area, outdoor seating areas, entertainment areas.  That's quite an investment.  It's certainly worth the price of the system if it does what it's supposed to, and it does!"

"It was an investment because without that we wouldn't be able to come outside and enjoy our outside living area. Before the mist installation, you couldn't be out here for more than a minute or two without being eaten alive.  Now, very rarely do we ever see a mosquito flying in our back yard."

"This system has let us reclaim our yard and outside living area. Besides ridding our yard of mosquitoes, the best thing to me is that the insecticide is safe for children and pets.  That gives me relief from mosquitoes and peace of mind for my family."

Automatic Outdoor Insect Control
The most effective way to eliminate insects from your yard.

Anthony Santoro

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